Legacy Circle

THE Kitchen’s Legacy Circle: Planned Giving Program to Benefit Meals on Wheels

THE Kitchen’s Legacy Circle honors those who have chosen to make a planned gift to us through their will, trust, or other giving arrangement. You can use your gift to honor a family member or loved one, or you may choose to be anonymous. Your planned gift puts you in good company today and has no effect on your financial well-being. Later, your gift will feed seniors, disabled, homebound, and children in Wichita Falls for generations to come.

Types of Gifts


A bequest is a gift to a charity that you name in your will. Your gift may be made as a percentage of your estate. Or you may designate a certain amount of cash, securities, or property.

Life Income Gift

A Charitable Gift Annuity or Charitable Remainder Trust can be used for income for retirement while providing tax benefits now.

Life Insurance

Make a gift of a paid-up life insurance policy, designate a part of a life insurance policy or pay the premium on a new policy and name THE Kitchen as the beneficiary.

Real Estate

Make a gift of a home or piece of real estate in your will or trust.

How to Become a Member of THE Kitchen’s Legacy Circle

You automatically become a member of THE Kitchen’s Legacy Circle when you include THE Kitchen in your estate plans – whether through your will, trust, insurance policy or other income arrangements.

Sample Bequest Language

I give, devise, and bequeath to THE Kitchen (Federal Tax ID No. 75-1242736)

  • (Cash Bequest) the sum of ______ dollars ($____).
  • (Stock Bequest) ______ shares of stock of _______ Corporation.
  • (Percentage Estate) _______ percent (___%) of my estate.
  • (Residuary Bequest) the remainder of my estate.

I request this bequest be used for the greatest needs of THE Kitchen

Let us know!

THE Kitchen wants to recognize all those who have included us in their estate plan.

Download the form (PDF)

Dr. Justin Levasseur was one of our first Legacy Circle members.

Dr. Justin and Joan LeVasseur not only delivered Meals on Wheels for many years but have also been faithfully contributors to The Kitchen. “Every week, he would drive and I would take the meals to the door,” Joan shared. When Dr. LeVasseur passed away in September 2017, the couple had already decided that his bequest would include helping seniors like the ones they had cared for while volunteering for Meals on Wheels. Joan hopes to encourage others to follow their example in making an impact beyond this lifetime.

Debra Suggs has also chosen to be a part of THE Kitchen’s Legacy Circle.

Debra has served as a board member and volunteer for Meals on Wheels, delivering on Mondays for many years. The Suggs Family has been a long-standing donor to THE Kitchen and sponsor for fundraising events. Debra believes it is never too early to think about helping the ones you care about, including the men and women she serves weekly through Meals on Wheels. The Suggs bequest will support the future seniors, disabled, and homebound recipients as a symbol of her love for her present clients.

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