The Kitchen/Meals On Wheels Program

Meals on WheelsMeals on Wheels of America has been a significant organization throughout the nation since 1954. The Older Americans Act in 1972, provided a platform to focus on senior nutritional needs. In 1974, members of various senior nutrition programs met in Washington D.C., creating the National Organization of Home Delivered and Congregate Meals Programs, solidifying the success and quality of Meals on Wheels.

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Meals on Wheels in Wichita Falls started over 50 years ago, in 1965. Seniors who met informally at the Red Door Senior Citizen’s Center would deliver meals to those who were unable to meet due to illness. What began as a few meals delivered to friends has now become a thriving act of service to feed the hungry in Wichita Falls.

Did you know in Wichita Falls:

  • THE Kitchen has 1,081 unduplicated clients who are seniors, disabled, and home-bound who receive our services
  • Meals on Wheels has 57 routes and delivers almost 800 meals daily, Monday through Friday
  • Because 53% of our clients have had to ration parts of their weekly meals so they would not go hungry on Saturdays and Sundays, we launched a weekend delivery program in March 2017
  • As of November 2016, THE Kitchen is now able to deliver to homebound children with disabilities and their caregivers
  • It only takes a phone call to THE Kitchen for a someone in need to start the process of services and can receive their first meal within 7 business days
  • 229,548 meals were delivered in 2017

Statistics about our Meals on Wheels Community:

  • 40% would suffer due to a lack of our Meals on Wheels daily wellness check.
  • 44% of our clients see no one except the Meals on Wheels volunteer each day and 45% of the rest of our client on some days but not all. Basically, 89% have days where they have no human contact during the day.
  • 53% are retired veterans or spouses of deceased veterans
  • 59% have an income of $11,700 or LESS a year
  • 53% would have no food to eat on the weekends without our meals
  • 60% live alone and have no caregiver
  • Over 81% have some form of a disability
  • 85% are food insecure and not able to maintain a healthy nutritional intake or sustain continued good health without a meals on Wheels lunch daily
  • 91% would be unable to live independently in the home of their choosing if they did not receive services

The 91% who now have the ability to live in their homes due to Meals on Wheels, enjoy their independence and the opportunity to experience their golden years surrounded by precious memories in the place where those memories were made. For approximately $1,800 per year, a Meals on Wheels client receives this gift, as opposed to paying the average of $40,000 a year for nursing home care.

"Like Most Families, Ours Gather
at The Kitchen"

...feeding our community since 1967