AniMEALS Program to benefit the Meals on Wheels Program Featured

Help to ensure seniors enjoy a complete, delicious, and nutritious meal every day without worrying about the dogs and cats they love.  

Years ago, we learned that an alarming number of our elderly and disabled clients were not eating all of their nutrious meal, but actually sharing it with their pets!  This is real problem for clients who live on a minimal income and desperately need the full nutritional benefits of our meals, not to mention the fact that our meals are not always helathy for the pets.  Clients who have difficulty adequately feeding their cat or dog may receive supplemental pet food at no charge through our AniMEALS Program.  The AniMEALS Program will launch July 25, 2019.  If you wish to make a donation to this program you can feed a pet for approximately $15.00 per month.  For more information about the AniMEALS Program, please contact Lisa Williams, Director of Special Programs, at (940)872-0356 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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