The Red Door Senior Center

In 1965, The Church of The Good Shepherd provided a building behind its place of worship for seniors of the Wichita Falls community; that building was located at 1107 Burnett Street. Due to the difficulty of locating the facility, the community organizers painted the entry door to the building red, and immediately the directions to the building were easily identifiable, “go down the alley and look for the Red Door." For the next two years, a number of seniors met at the “Red Door Senior Center” to fellowship and congregate until a more formal location was established. And on May 15, 1967, the seniors, along with the assistance of several community leaders, founded Senior Citizens Services of North Texas, and acquired the Temple of Israel Synagogue — located at 1008 Burnett Street — in 1968 to be the new Red Door Senior Center.

Addye Lou Clements, founder of Meals on Wheels in Wichita Falls Ultimately, the Red Door served as the foundation for The Kitchen, and over the years has been the catalyst of expansion for its programs and services. A perfect example of this, is the generous work of Addye Clements. In the late '60s, Mrs. Clements would prepare meals for the seniors as they gather at the Red Door for various events. Over time, she noticed that some of the original members of the Red Door's development became unable to make it to the facility. Seeing this need, she decided to answer the call to service. She, along with members of her family, began to prepare meals and deliver them to seniors who were unable to make it to the facility. As time progressed she began to receive assistance from other individuals within the community, and her works became the development of what is now the Meals on Wheels program.

Essentially, our history is embodied around Red Door and belief that it only takes a few individuals with vision, passion, and a duty above self to create lasting organization capable of helping many. From 50 seniors wanting a space to gather and fellowship, we now have a the corporate headquarters of The Kitchen where hundreds can gather; from a mother and her two children delivering meals to friends who were sick, disabled, or incapable of transporting themselves to the Red Door, we now have a Meals on Wheels program which ensures that over 900 seniors can continue to live independently; and from a group of community leaders wanting to provide seniors a safe place to congregate and fellowship, we now have a list of services and programs to ensure that our seniors are provided educational information to assist with their well being.

Overall, we believe that life revolves around The Kitchen Table, but, we also know that our "house" was built with the Red Door; and without this foundation, we would not be who we are today!

"Like Most Families, Ours Gather
at The Kitchen"

...feeding our community since 1967